The Beauty of Networking

The beauty of networking

December 9, 2019

By Samantha Goodman

Working in a coworking space may sound intimidating. You don’t know anything about your coworkers and potentially don’t have any similarities with them, however, that’s the beauty. Coworking spaces are catalysts for new ideas, as they encourage networking, which should come at no surprise due to just looking at the word “coworking.”

Coworking means exactly what it is – working jointly, in other words, getting paid to network. Coworking spaces allow entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and more to work in a corroborative environment. Workers create friendships, bounce ideas off of one another, share thoughts, and even create businesses together.

Coworking spaces create opportunities to interact with people from various occupations, who would likely be a useful connection or an intriguing viewpoint in a time of need. Due to their varying professional backgrounds, your coworkers’ networks are vastly different than yours,  providing you new perspectives you may have never considered. Your children or roommates at home can’t employ this role.

Many coworking spaces host events for their members and invite the public to attend. What better place to meet more people and expand your network? Mill Race hosts 1 Million Cups on the first Wednesday of every month, Tech Brew on the first Thursday of every month, and First Friday Free Coworking on the first Friday of every month. You don’t get these chances working from your home, so take advantage of the events and expand your network.

There’s no perfect way to network, however, coworking spaces create perfect environments. They are spaces like nothing else because they provide you with coworkers who aren’t just your coworkers. They’re your supporters, your friends, your peers. They’re here to help you succeed. They say the best coworkers are the people you don’t actually work with, and the only way you can know if this is true is if you try it.

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