Staying Productive in 2020

Staying productive in 2020

January 6, 2020

By Samantha Goodman

As we begin a new year, and a new decade of that, people are often setting goals for themselves. Whether those goals be personal, professional, mental, physical, spiritual, each person strives to accomplish or succeed past their goals. Obstacles can deter individuals from foreseeing their goals and it is up to each person to avoid, overcome, or become occupied by obstacles. The following tips are guidelines to follow to allow you to stay focused on your goals and become a better version of yourself.

  1. Treat your body well. Self-health is more than eating fruits and vegetables, it’s getting enough sleep to function during a day’s work, drinking enough water to stay hydrated, staying active as much as possible, and more. Realizing how your health can affect your everyday life is imperative in understanding how to attain your goals. Self-health is not an overnight process, so be ready to persevere and put in the effort.
  2. Take a break from social media. Even though you are reading this article on your computer, tablet, or smartphone to educate yourself, the blue light, let alone the psychological and emotional complications social media can accompany, can take a toll on an individual. Become aware of how much time you are spending on your devices and what you spend that time doing. Each time you go to pick up your device to scroll endlessly on Facebook, consider picking up a book instead, playing a game with your family, turning to a friend or coworker to have a real conversation, cleaning out a closet or drawer, or learning something new. You’ll be surprised by the amount of time you can devote to other things or people in your life that can help your goals excel.
  3. Keep a happy mind. Easier said than done, right? But it’s true that a happy mind equals a happy life. Everything is in your perspective, so what you think of your day is how it is going to end up. Place yourself in environments that can encourage a positive state and allow you to be around people with the same mindset. Having a positive outlook on life, being open to new things and people, and keeping low stress can help you to be ready to take on your goals and all the work they entail.
  4. Keep the multitasking to a minimum. This tip may come as a surprise, however, research says that the brain physically cannot think about more than one thing at a time, so scientifically, we can not multitask. Our brain is jumping from topic to topic, not allowing it adequate time to fully devote its knowledge and worth to one specific topic. Set your priorities straight and focus on what needs to be done initially and what can wait. This prioritizing can help you to realize how important certain things in your life are, and what can wait for the next day to help alleviate stress.

While there are many more tips that can be taken into account to help you reach your new goals, each individual is unique and must figure out what works specifically for themselves, such as having a support team or writing down your goals, however, these tips provided are general guidelines to encourage you and your goals this new year.

Mill Race aims to help its members reach their goals, both professional and personal. With our modern open coworking environment and independent workers within an arms reach willing to lend a hand or advice, goals are created and met regularly. If you need someone to help you stay on top of your goals this year, consider working from Mill Race with like-minded individuals.

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