Staying Productive in 2020

Staying productive in 2020 January 6, 2020 By Samantha Goodman As we begin a new year, and a new decade of that, people are often setting goals for themselves. Whether those goals be personal, professional, mental, physical, spiritual, each person strives to accomplish or succeed past their goals. Obstacles can deter individuals from foreseeing their […]

Be Worriless

Be Worriless December 31, 2019 By Samantha Goodman Office spaces in a downtown location can cost as much as close to $1,000 a month or more, in addition to your utilities, costs to furnish the place, and paying building staff. As the prices of rent continue to increase, it makes it more difficult to manage […]

New Year, New Office

New Year, New Office December 16, 2019 By Samantha Goodman Everything around us is constantly changing and the place where we spend the majority of our day and life is, too – our offices. Coworking spaces are on the rise due to their versatile environments, accommodating freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and more. They allow workers […]

The Beauty of Networking

The beauty of networking December 9, 2019 By Samantha Goodman Working in a coworking space may sound intimidating. You don’t know anything about your coworkers and potentially don’t have any similarities with them, however, that’s the beauty. Coworking spaces are catalysts for new ideas, as they encourage networking, which should come at no surprise due […]

Flexibility and Freedom

Flexibility and Freedom December 2, 2019 By Samantha Goodman Coworking spaces are on the rise due to their differentiating abilities to accommodate various businesses and employees. Coworking spaces are home to entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and more. Not every job requires the worker to be in the actual business, however, some employees still need a […]